McCormack Baron Salazar employs sustainability as a tool for making and keeping communities viable.  We do this through combining renewable energy development, sustainable building and green neighborhood design with job creation and a holistic community development approach that results in real economic impact for near and long term economic growth.

Our sustainable expertise includes:

  • Renewable Energy Development: From feasibility and assessment to solar financing, design and installation services, we provide expertise for adding solar to multi-family, commercial, or community-scale projects.

  • Solar Asset Management: Our asset managers keep our solar energy systems operating at peak efficiency, manage relationships with utility companies, and ensure that proper credits are being issued for each investment.

  • Green Buildings and Neighborhoods: Sunwheel leads the process to achieve green building and neighborhood certification objectives while balancing cost constraints and other community goals. Our team has guided successful LEED, Energy Star, Enterprise Green Communities, and other green certifications for thousands of sustainably built homes and facilities nationwide.

  • Education & Engagement: No matter how green a building is designed to be, it won’t actually BE green without engaging the people inside. By educating, engaging and encouraging green behaviors alongside sustainable technologies, we inspire people to be more green in their homes and workplaces.