Property Management

Our affiliate, McCormack Baron Management, Inc., recognizes that successful management of any community requires a management strategy that acknowledges the unique challenges facing the neighborhood and its residents. Our staff understands the complexities of managing mixed-income housing, possesses the technical expertise to handle multi-layered compliance issues, and offers the personal touch needed to work with residents of diverse backgrounds. We manage our developments to market rate standards, and work with residents and the larger community to address the non-housing needs and issues that exist in the community.  Finally, we are committed to affirmative action and to performing equal opportunity outreach to ensure that people from all walks of life have the opportunity to live in our communities.

Our property management expertise includes: 

  • Marketing: We have a national marketing department that coordinates local efforts to ensure professional, compelling, and consistent community branding and marketing across media with multiple points of interaction and engagement.

  • Maintenance: We manage our developments to the highest market rate standards. Our management teams are diligent about upholding the quality of our communities in best state of repair both inside and out.
  • Insurance & Risk Management: McCormack Baron Management oversees the bidding and procurement of all property insurance coverage for its affiliated properties as well as insurance monitoring for non-affiliated properties in its portfolio.
  • Compliance:  We have experience working with combinations of local public housing agencies, the Code of Federal Regulations, Community and Supportive Services and the integration of these programs and requirements with Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.
  • Training: We use a variety of web-based and on-site training programs for our employees who work in our communities as well as professional seminars to ensure our teams keep abreast of property management guidelines and new techniques.

Learn about the properties we manage here.