Human Capital Development

Based on decades of experience, our team knows that in order to create thriving, mixed-income developments that lead to social and economic mobility for low-income families, a network of human and social capital building supports must be planned and implemented concurrent with the development of new housing. 

Working with non-profit partners, like Urban Strategies, Inc., McCormack Baron Salazar works with residents and local partners to create sustainable networks of human capital building services.  This “Human Capital Plan” is implemented concurrent with a physical redevelopment plan, and leverages local, state, federal and private resources to support the programs and services.

The Human Capital Plan is designed to place lower-income families on a pathway toward self-sufficiency and upward mobility. The Plan comprises all of the resources that assist residents in overcoming barriers to success, including evidence-based intensive case management and seamless service connections to quality education, job training and employment placement, physical and mental health services, and enrichment activities for children and youth.