Asset Management

McCormack Baron Asset Management provides a variety of asset management services for the McCormack Baron portfolio of communities as well as for other third-party-owned properties.

The primary goal of McCormack Baron Asset Management is to provide customized services to multi-family partnerships and assist the property management companies and asset managers to maximize the potential of the asset.

Our multi-disciplinary team provides the following services and expertise:

  • Portfolio Performance Management: Our asset management team evaluates the performance, profitability and position of the McCormack Baron portfolio and acts as the linchpin between the development and property management companies for both owned and fee-managed properties. Our multi-disciplinary team handles property dispositions, restructuring and refinancing, and our approach to asset management is unique in the industry and results in the highest quality product for our clients and partners. 

  • Substitute General Partner Services: McCormack Baron Asset Management currently acts as substitute general partner in approximately 200 multi-family properties in 33 states with almost 30,000 units. As a substitute general partner, our primary objectives are to maximize the operating performance and the value of the property, to work with the partnership to reduce any operating deficits, to function as the owner’s representative when needed, and to be cognizant of liabilities which could affect the owner.