50th Anniversary Book


A Legacy of Community Partnership, Housing Innovation, and Reinvestment in America’s Urban Neighborhoods

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This monograph book, produced in honor of the company's 50th year anniversary, presents a selection of McCormack Baron development projects across American cities that represent the company’s pioneering responses to the challenges and opportunities encountered in its work. Each case study illustrates McCormack Baron’s long-term commitment to residents and community partners to address financial, design, social, and infrastructure challenges. Each site depicts the innovative solutions applied and the impact of the transformation achieved.

As a young legal aid lawyer working with tenants in St. Louis public housing developments, Richard Baron witnessed firsthand the disparities in housing quality and opportunity available to families with very low incomes. Baron soon forged a relationship with labor leader and homebuilder Terry McCormack, and the two founded McCormack Baron. Their vision – to rebuild disinvested communities by providing quality housing options for all people – is the core principle of the company’s mission today. McCormack Baron works with partners to reinforce and rebuild neighborhood amenities, services, and infrastructure, including childcare and educational facilities, youth and senior centers, employment and healthcare access, and environmental stewardship.

McCormack Baron is a leader, innovator, and trusted partner in the revitalization of urban neighborhoods. Since its founding in 1973, the company has partnered with neighborhood residents, public officials, local institutions, and corporate leaders in dozens of cities to build thousands of high-quality housing units. Over its lifetime, McCormack Baron has created vibrant mixed-income, mixed-use communities for families, seniors, people with disabilities, formerly homeless individuals, and veterans.

The company’s signature ability to create strong public–private partnerships, with shared community vision and financial commitment from all sectors, is key to its success. In the coming decades, McCormack Baron will continue to strive to achieve its vision: a future when all people live in sustainable, opportunity-rich communities. 

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