McCormack Baron Salazar Celebrates The Opening of Senior Residences at Emerald Vista

December 7, 2023 | McCormack Baron Salazar

MMcCormack Baron Salazar (MBS), in partnership with the Puerto Rico Department of Housing, the Puerto Rico Public Housing Administration and the Puerto Rico Housing Finance Authority, proudly celebrated the grand opening of Senior Residences at Emerald Vista, a pioneering affordable senior housing community in the heart of Caguas. Located where the José Gautier Benítez public residential complex once stood, this innovative project redefines senior living, combining modern amenities, sustainable design and an inclusive community spirit.

Senior Residences, a key phase of the Emerald Vista development, features a five-story building with 200 meticulously designed apartment units. The residences, which consist of 190 one-bedroom units and 10 two-bedroom units, include 30 units designed for accessibility, ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS).

"Senior Residences at Emerald Vista is a commitment to enriching the lives of our senior community. We have designed every aspect of the residences to ensure they not only meet but exceed the highest standards of design and sustainability. Our vision is to create a space where seniors can enjoy a vibrant, inclusive, and active lifestyle," said Antonio L. Gárate, vice president and director of Development for Puerto Rico at MBS.

For his part, Tony Salazar, partner and director of MBS, said: "The opening of Senior Residences at Emerald Vista marks an important milestone in our mission to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for our seniors. This project is a compelling example of how urban development can meet the needs of our senior population while revitalizing the city."

According to Vincent R. Bennett, president and Chief Executive Officer at the developer, "For more than 50 years, at McCormack Baron Salazar we have been building homes; transforming places into vibrant communities where all people can thrive. With Senior Residences at Emerald Vista, we elevate this commitment. This project is a clear example of our vision: to create inclusive spaces that encourage personal and collective growth, and that contribute to the quality of life of residents."

The grand opening event was attended by several officials from the federal, state, and municipal governments, showing the significant impact and promise of this development for Puerto Rico and the region.

"This project consolidates Caguas as a quality-of-life destination for all. It strengthens our community with a modern and sustainable infrastructure, in addition to expressing our commitment to the well-being and dignity of our senior citizens. We are proud to be one of the pioneers in offering this space, together with McCormack Baron Salazar, which shows that Caguas is a city that cares for and values all generations," said the mayor of Creole City, William Miranda Torres.

The secretary of housing, William O. Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Esq. added: "This development is a testament to our dedication to creating accessible, sustainable and inclusive housing solutions in Puerto Rico. Villas at Emerald Vista aligns with our department’s goal of ensuring that all citizens, regardless of their age or income, have access to decent, safe, and affordable housing.

Governor Pedro R. Pierluisi-Urrutia also expressed his support for Senior Residences at Emerald Vista: "This project is a ray of hope and a clear indication of our unwavering commitment to improving the lives of our senior citizens. My administration is proud to support these types of initiatives that are fundamental to creating a more inclusive and compassionate society in Puerto Rico."

Innovative design and sustainability at the forefront

Adopting the highest construction standards, the development complies with the International Building Code, the International Residential Code, and the prestigious National Green Building Standard (NGBS). Energy Star® appliances, photovoltaic panels and emergency power generators underscore the community's commitment to resiliency and the environment.

A community for everyone

Senior Residences at Emerald Vista stands as a model of inclusion, offering a mixed-income structure that welcomes residents from diverse backgrounds. This approach creates a vibrant community where all residents, regardless of income, enjoy the same high-quality amenities and services.

World-class services for a decent lifestyle

Residents will enjoy a variety of market-rate amenities, including a community center, indoor exercise facilities, picnic areas, computer lab, gazebos, and walking trails. The adjacent Parque El Manzanillo, complete with a pavilion, viewing sites and integrated seating areas, offers a serene environment for relaxation and social interaction.

Reducing the digital divide

In compliance with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requirements, the development includes broadband infrastructure to ensure residents can actively participate in the digital economy, further improving their access to economic opportunities.

Promotion of economic and social development

The project layout, which includes small blocks and connected streets, is designed with pedestrian and vehicle flow in mind, encouraging economic activity and community development in the surrounding area.

Senior Residences at Emerald Vista are not just homes; they are a testament to the power of conscious and inclusive design to create communities where seniors can thrive. Now open, Senior Residences at Emerald Vista invites seniors to experience a new standard of living that is dignified, sustainable and community-focused.

Senior Residences at Emerald Vista is a collaborative initiative between McCormack Baron Salazar, the Puerto Rico Department of Housing, the Puerto Rico Public Housing Administration and the Puerto Rico Housing Finance Authority that focuses on transforming affordable housing and creating resilient and inclusive communities in Puerto Rico.