Onondaga County Grants $750,000 to Propel New 15th Ward/East Adams Neighborhood Transformation Plan

November 10, 2023 | McCormack Baron Salazar

The New 15th Ward/East Adams Neighborhood Transformation plan, a collaborative effort by Syracuse Housing Authority, the City of Syracuse, McCormack Baron Salazar, and Blueprint 15, has received a grant of $750,000 from County Executive Ryan McMahon and Onondaga County's O-CHIP fund. This funding marks a critical milestone in advancing the public infrastructure essential to building a more connected neighborhood.

The New 15th Ward/East Adams Neighborhood Transformation plan is part of a comprehensive initiative aimed at transforming the McKinney Manor, Pioneer Homes, and Central Village neighborhoods, coinciding with the I-81 project. Phase I of the East Adams redevelopment, set to commence construction in late 2024, will feature 133 units of mixed-income housing, including replacement units for legacy McKinney Manor and Pioneer Homes residents.

One of the key aspects of this ambitious undertaking is the development of public infrastructure. The extension of Monroe Street, an integral component of Phase I, will help break up the existing mega blocks of public housing, enhancing walkability and the overall living experience for residents.

This first phase will also include exciting amenities such as a business incubator space and a fitness center, reflecting the project's commitment to creating a vibrant and sustainable community.

William Simmons, the Syracuse Housing Authority Executive Director, highlighted the importance this grant will play in moving the first two phases forward. “We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Onondaga County for their support of the New 15th Ward project. This generous grant not only fuels our vision for vibrant and inclusive communities but also underscores the County's dedication to uplifting the neighborhoods we serve. Together, we are rewriting the narrative of possibility and prosperity for our residents."

“Onondaga County’s commitment of funds to this plan will help ensure public infrastructure is designed to support the growth and changes of the East Adams neighborhood,” said Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh. “I thank County Executive McMahon for the O-CHIP funding and look forward to working with the Syracuse Housing Authority, McCormack Baron Salazar, and Blueprint 15 on this multi-year effort to rebuild a more connected, vibrant, and thriving neighborhood.”