McCormack Baron Announces the Retirement of Hillary Zimmerman, President of McCormack Baron Asset Management and Senior Vice President and General Counsel

March 9, 2023 | McCormack Baron Salazar

Hillary Zimmerman, president of McCormack Baron Asset Management and senior vice president and general counsel of McCormack Baron, will retire March 31, the company announced today. Zimmerman is celebrating 39 years with McCormack Baron and has participated in almost every aspect of its work. After attaining partnership at the Greenfield, Davidson, Mandelstamm & Voorhees law firm in St Louis, she joined McCormack Baron as a transactional lawyer overseeing the closing of all of McCormack Baron’s development projects in the 1980s and 90s. She became an industry specialist in the design and implementation of soft financing with state, housing authority and non-profit lenders to the McCormack Baron deals. She created the Asset Management company in 2004 to oversee the existing McCormack Baron portfolio and added the servicing of more than 200 outside partnerships at the request of a major national investor. She developed a disposition program for McCormack Baron, which has made a substantial contribution to the company’s profitability.

“We’re delighted for Hillary to enjoy a well-deserved retirement, but sorry to lose her expertise and knowledge of the inner workings of the company,” said Vincent R. Bennett, President, McCormack Baron. “Hillary is a proven leader and strategic thinker, and I have relied upon her advice and counsel for as long as I have been with the company. Her drive to close deals and her leadership in achieving consensus and goodwill among all of our stakeholders cannot be replaced.”

“I feel fortunate to have spent my career at McCormack Baron and to have participated in the creation of transformational programs to develop affordable housing,” Zimmerman said. “I am truly honored to have worked with the finest, most dedicated people who devote heart and soul to their work. To end my time here during the company’s fiftieth year truly marks the end of a chapter, and I look forward to watching McCormack Baron thrive in the years ahead.”

Upon Zimmerman’s retirement on March 31, Kelly Kinnaman, senior vice president, will step into her role as president of McCormack Baron Asset Management, and Ian McCormack, senior vice president, will become general counsel.