Meet Ms. Emee Romero, Casa Salazar Resident

November 16, 2021 | McCormack Baron Salazar

Casa Salazar resident in apartment with children “I am very lucky because I was one of the first people to move into Casa Salazar. Because I am retired and on a fixed income, this was a great opportunity. I love living here, it is so nice and so quiet. When you come through the front gate you see the gardens and patios, it's a great ambiance. Just yesterday I was doing my daily walk and I saw the flowers beginning to bloom in front of the gate,” Ms. Emee Romero, resident at Casa Salazar Senior Apartments said.

Designed for residents 62 and older, Casa Salazar opened its doors to residents in June of 2017. Nearly four years later, a strong sense of community has formed amongst residents. Over the next couple of months, McCormack Baron Management will highlight the stories of the residents who call Casa Salazar home. 

Ms. Emee Romero was born and raised in the Philippines. After college, she moved to the United States to pursue a career opportunity and be closer to her extended family. After 37 years in the United States, and a successful career in the banking industry, the grandmother of seven is enjoying her retirement.

“When I reflect I am just happy that my family is comfortable and satisfied in life. I have everything. I have 7 grandkids! I call them my little people. They are my treasures. I am so happy that I get to see that and be a part of their lives. I am praying to god I get to see them grow up, go off to college, and get married,” Ms. Romero said. 

When Ms. Romero first moved to the U.S., she worked as a bank teller. From there she worked her way up to supervisor, then branch manager, ultimately working as a VP of a large area bank. In addition to growing her career, she also raised two children, both of whom live in Los Angeles. One works in K-12 education and the other as an IT Administrator.

Since moving into Casa Salazar four years ago, Ms. Romero has been an integral part of the community. She takes advantage of many programs offered by staff including gardening, sewing, and jewelry making. She enjoys the holiday parties, potlucks, and events in the community room. She even won an award for the best costume at one of the Halloween parties. One of her fondest memories was leading an interior design 101 course for her neighbors. Ms. Romero has a passion for interior design and the pandemic has given her ample opportunity to rearrange and redecorate her apartment. 

“Before the pandemic, my grandkids would visit often, usually after they get out of school. They say grandma you live in a hotel? Because it's so nice, and we have electronic keys. They are really amazed when they come to visit.”

Ms. Romero has visited other affordable living apartments for seniors in the area. She feels very fortunate to have a spot at Casa Salazar. In particular, Ms. Romero cites the staff at Casa Salazar who’s compassion and care for residents make Casa Salazar such a nice place to live. For example, since the COVID-19 pandemic staff have managed a weekly food pantry, ensuring every resident’s needs are met.

“I am proud and lucky to live here. I like the building. Haley, Denise and Ana, and the rest of the staff is super responsive to phone and email. They are very friendly and helpful. I take a daily walk around the area, and it's one of the safest and nicest places I have lived. I have friends who are always trying to get on the waitlist. I highly recommend this area.”

Casa Salazar is a part of the Taylor Yard Transit Village, the first large-scale riverfront development along the river’s edge in the City of Los Angeles. In total there are 400 housing units, including 108 affordable senior apartments for households earning at or below 60 percent of the Area Median Income.

What does Ms. Romero like best about living at Casa Salazar? “I have to mention our maintenance guy Efren. He is incredible, oh my gosh. He keeps the property looking incredible. He is friendly and goes out of his way to help residents. He is always there to help. It's these extra things and staff going above and beyond that make Casa Salzar a great place to live.”