Meet Taghi Mo Moshiri, Casa Salazar Resident

October 1, 2021 | McCormack Baron Salazar

“I am very proud of Casa Salazar and living here. The staff here are so quick to help and are so nice. I have gotten to see the building and the community grow from a small group to over 100. It's a nice diverse group, people speak different languages and come from all different backgrounds, but it’s all people like me, over 62.” Mr. Taghi Mo Moshiri resident at Casa Salazar Senior Apartments. 

Designed for residents 62 and older, Casa Salazar opened its doors to residents in June of 2017. Nearly four years later, a strong sense of community has formed amongst residents. Over the next couple of months, McCormack Baron Management will highlight the stories of the residents who call Casa Salazar home.

Mr. Taghi Mo Moshiri, who goes by Mr. Mo, knows a good deal when he sees one. He moved into Casa Salazar the day it opened its doors four years ago. “I have lived in a lot of places so when I say Casa Salazar is very nice and clean, it's true. My apartment is fantastic, it's a great building, with very nice people. The area around here is safe, and I feel comfortable day and night.”

Mr. Mo truly has lived in a lot of places. He was born and raised in Iran in the 1940s. A bright student he moved to England for college, then Germany, before his studies took him to the United States in the early ’60s. Studying math and physics, Mr. Mo attended universities in Colorado, Kansas, and Iowa before moving to Los Angeles in the summer of 1965.

Despite his years studying in academia, Mr. Mo was always an entrepreneur at heart. When he arrived in LA, he had a hard time finding a job in the sciences. Thus he began his career as a small business owner. Over the years he operated a number of ventures including a carpet cleaning business, a parking lot business, a limousine service, and at one point even operated a whole fleet of taxis. During that time he also raised two children. 

Now retired, Mr. Mo is a single man who lives with a disability, a product of an accident over a decade ago. When Mr. Mo first learned about Casa Salazar through a social worker, he was excited about an affordable option. Concerned for his safety at his previous apartment, he jumped at the opportunity and was one of the first people to apply for affordable senior housing.

“The atmosphere over here is night and day difference for the better. It's safe here. My favorite part about living at Casa Salazar is how comfortable I am. I have great neighbors, my apartment is cozy, and everything here is super clean. The management is friendly and nice and does a great job of keeping things up to date. I have no worries here.”

Casa Salazar is part of the Taylor Yard Transit Village, the first large-scale riverfront development along the river’s edge in the City of Los Angeles. In total there are 400 housing units, including 108 affordable senior apartments for households earning at or below 60 percent of the Area Median Income.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Mo has been especially impressed with the staff at Casa Salazar. “God bless the management here. Since the pandemic they have been on the ball, they kept everything nice and clean. They kept us up to date and warned us about the pandemic. They were very concerned about us and were very sweet and checked in with us as much as they could.”

 Photo of Mr. Mo wearing an orange shirtMr. Mo wearing a blue and white face mask and saluting.