Triangle Square Apartments: Communities where All People can Thrive

June 30, 2020 | McCormack Baron Salazar

As Pride Month comes to a close, we wanted to share the story of one of our innovative developments: Triangle Square in Los Angeles.

One of the first of its kind, Triangle Square was developed in 2005-2007 and provides affordable living opportunities marketed specifically to LGBTQ seniors. The building in the heart of Hollywood was developed as  a joint venture between Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing and McCormack Baron Salazar and includes 104 affordable apartments. 35 of the apartments are special needs apartments targeted to seniors with HIV/AIDS or homeless/at-risk of homelessness.

Safe housing for LGBTQ seniors was at the time, and remains, particularly critical because of isolation, stigma, and the lack of social support felt by many aging LGBTQ seniors.

The Triangle Square story underlines the deep connections between affordable housing and social justice, and demonstrates how to transform a place into a community where all people can thrive. 

As explained by our current service partner on the project, the L.A. LGBT Center, housing for LGBTQ seniors was particularly critical because of isolation, stigma, and the lack of social support felt by many aging LGBTQ seniors. "Now more than ever Triangle Square is providing a safe and healthy home for our LGBTQ seniors," said Kiera Pollock, director of the Center’s Senior Services. "LGBTQ seniors, particularly this generation, are more likely to face the challenges of aging alone, including isolation and lack of social support. Triangle Square provides much more than an affordable place to live; it provides a community that helps our seniors thrive."

A video about the importance of the project to the community can be found here.

The universally-designed building includes an interior open courtyard, a 5,000 square foot community room and social service office space. The $21 million development was financed through a public/private/philanthropic partnership and includes traditional debt combined with low income housing tax credit equity and philanthropic support.  McCormack Barom Management manages the building.

The neighboring area has revitalized in the 15 years since we began this development, and now has a strong retail corridor, including Hollywood’s farmer’s market on Saturdays, public transportation, market rate housing, office space, theatre and other entertainment venues, within easy walking distance for the senior residents.

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