Residents of Alice Griffith to celebrate Earth Day with Spring Cleanup event.

April 17, 2019 | McCormack Baron Salazar

SAN FRANCISCO -- Residents of the Alice Griffith neighborhood who are part of the neighborhood’s Recycling Ambassadors program will host an Earth Day Spring Cleanup event, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, April 20.  They will be joined by 10 students from the University of San Francisco as they spruce up the area and raise awareness of green initiatives at Alice Griffith.  As part of the Earth Day event, residents can stop by and try a vegan lunch.

The Recycling Ambassadors recently returned from a trip to Taiwan with USI Vice President Isaac Dozier to learn from the Tzu Chi community and to strengthen their understanding of how to foster a recycling community mindset to share with their Alice Griffith neighbors.  The Ambassadors work with residents within the community to reduce waste through recycling, reusing and composting, including reducing food waste and water consumption.   Located in the Candlestick Point neighborhood, each apartment home has a designated area for recycling and compost in the kitchen. The trash rooms that are located throughout the facility include the collection of recycling and compost. Fifty percent of Allice Griffith residents participate in the program, and leaders have set a goal of 80 percent participation.

As one of the first Choice Neighborhood Implementation Grants in the country, Alice Griffith is a model community developed by residents in partnership with McCormack Baron Salazar, the City of San Francisco, the San Francisco Housing Authority, the Mayor’s Office of Housing, Urban Strategies, Inc., and Lennar Urban.

The goal of the $30.5 million grant was to invest in housing, people and the neighborhood to reverse the effects of historical economic and social disparities of Eastern Bayview / Alice Griffith residents. Activities funded by the grant included redeveloping the Alice Griffith public housing complex and linking housing improvements with appropriate investments in services, schools, public assets, transportation and access to jobs.

The new Alice Griffith residential community includes 339 affordable apartments and homes with one to four bedrooms. 226 of the apartments were reserved for returning Alice Griffith families. The flat- and townhouse-style apartments are built over at-grade parking structures with secure automobile and bike parking and electric car sharing stations. The apartments wrap around center courtyards providing private outdoor space. The multi-phase development includes a management and leasing office, community space, a fitness center, business center, tot lots and green space.

Alice Griffith is part of the Hunters Point Shipyard / Candlestick Point LEED for Neighborhood Development Gold certified plan. In addition, all phases of the development are certified under the LEED for Homes program - Phases I, II and IV are LEED Gold, and Phase III is LEED Platinum.