The Flance Early Childhood Education: Inclusive in Construction and Inclusive in Educating Young Children

March 27, 2014 | McCormack Baron Salazar

The I. Jerome and Rosemary Flance Early Childhood Education Center at Murphy Park in north St. Louis was recently featured in an article in the St. Louis American.

Developed by McCormack Baron Salazar, in partnership with Urban Strategies, Inc, the St. Louis Housing Authority, the University City Children’s Center and the LUME Institute, the Flance Center will offer exceptional care and education for 154 children of diverse economic backgrounds from the surrounding community and the region.

In addition to being a model for inclusive mixed-income early childhood education, the construction of the center had high workforce inclusion numbers:  79 percent – or $4 million – of the construction contracts were awarded to a minority business enterprises (MBEs), including the Simms Building Group. About 57 percent or $2.9 million of the contracts were awarded to Section 3 firms and about 8 percent went to women-owned businesses.  46.4 percent of the workers on the project were minorities.

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