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Treme Cottages*

2200 Lafitte Street
New Orleans, LA 70119

Leasing information
Looking up to a two story apartment building with blue siding, steps leading to the front door on the first floor and a dark wooden fence with a green two-story building in the back. White railings on the second floor of the building and telephone wires in front of it.

Live in our exciting community of Treme Cottages! Historically home to celebrated musicians, artists, chefs and other New Orleans change-makers, Treme Cottages is enjoying a revival! The revitalized neighborhood serves as the center of that revival along with new schools, community centers, hospitals and parks.

Treme Cottages offers affordable apartment homes to families in the area while the vibrant neighborhood provides residents and visitors with easy access to the best of New Orleans. Call us to learn how you can make Treme Cottages your new home!