TAG Truck Center*

Memphis, TN

TAG Truck Enterprises, a local Memphis truck repair and dealership enterprise, owns and operates 10 full-service truck dealerships in five states.

The TAG Truck Center has put a long vacant property back to productive use and while making a meaningful investment in the Memphis area. The new center includes two buildings with a combined total of 190,000 square feet. The development includes a full-service 12-bay body shop, a 42-bay service department, a retail store, an employee center with locker rooms, break rooms, bathrooms, showers, and a distribution center, along with an expanded technician training facility that hosts the TAG Technical Institute.

After 13 years of vacancy, the new TAG Truck Center has brought new life and hundreds of jobs to the site. In addition to revitalizing the site, the expansion of their internal technician training school, TAG Technical Institute, works to eliminate traditional barriers to entry into the industry. Unlike a traditional technical training program where students pay for classes, TAG Technical Institute is tuition-free for TAG employees with students receiving compensation for training.

The Technical Institute accepts individuals with varying backgrounds and experience with a GED being the minimum requirement for entry to the program. TAG expects to train over 400 technicians over the course of the NMTC period, creating over 200 full-time jobs because of this program.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Quick Facts 

Square Footage: 190,000 SF

Total Investment: $29,574,044

Developer: TAG Truck Enterprises, LLC

Owner: TAG American Way Real Estate, LLC

Allocatee: MBS Urban Initiatives, SunTrust Bank, Stonehenge

NMTC Equity Investor: SunTrust Bank

Architect: Fitzgerald & Associates

Community Partner(s): Advance Memphis, JuicePlus+ Technical Training Center of the Boys & Girls Club, STREETS Ministries, Grooming Greatness, RISE Foundation, Memphis Urban League, NBUF

Construction Jobs: 70 FTEs, 5 PTEs

Projected Permanent Jobs: Daimler technician training provided to 405 technicians over 7-year NMTC compliance period, with 205 full time positions at TAG and 200 full time positions elsewhere in the industry