Stop Six

Fort Worth, TX

The Stop Six neighborhood is the heart of Fort Worth’s African American community and a touchstone for generations who grew up there. This formerly prosperous neighborhood – named for its location on the old inter-urban railway – is now a place of contrasts: churches and schools indicating a strong, stable community mixed with abandoned buildings and empty lots signifying disinvestment and population loss.

Restoring this historic community was the driving intent of the Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan. The effort was awarded a $35 million U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grant in April 2020.

The transformation plan includes replacement of the former Cavile Place public housing community with 1,000+ new, mixed-income rental residences. It also includes a neighborhood hub for recreation, educational, health and safety services and multiple commercial areas. The physical redevelopment is complemented by a wrap-around supportive services program managed by Urban Strategies, Inc. for former Cavile Place families and future low-income residents.

The housing plan for the community include senior housing, low-income replacement units, permanent supportive housing units, and tax credit units as well as unrestricted, market-rate units. In line with Fort Worth’s efforts to decentralize poverty, only 30 percent of the total 1,000+ planned new units will be Cavile Place replacement units. The public housing investment has and is expected to attract more additional private developers to the community.

The $288 million housing plan is financed through a public-private partnership between the City of Fort Worth, Fort Worth Housing Solutions, McCormack Baron Salazar, the State of Texas, private banks and equity investors, philanthropic organizations, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and other partners. The partnership has also leveraged low-income housing tax credits, private mortgage debt, local and state funding, and philanthropic support.