Renaissance Square

San Juan, PR

Renaissance Square represents a sea change in the design and management of affordable housing in Puerto Rico.  Located on the former Las Gladiolas public housing site, the new, mixed-income, mixed-use community is just steps from the Golden Mile Financial District in Hato Rey and features market-rate amenities, high-quality finishes and Spanish and Classical architectural elements.

Renaissance Square was designed to be resilient: the buildings are built withstand a direct hit by a Category 4 storm through hurricane-rated doors, windows, roofs and structures. This resiliency was tested during construction of the community, when Hurricane Maria hit San Juan.  As a result of the design, there were minimal delays in construction and the community was ready to receive families soon after.

In addition to the resilient design, the new community sets a new standard for community design in Puerto Rico. It connects to the larger neighborhood, providing residents access to job centers, transportation, schools and recreation. It also includes state-of-the-art site amenities with onsite management space, as well as a community space with a fitness room and a business center for residents. Renaissance Square also incorporates commercial space to be occupied by a Centro Ahorros Tienda.

A public/private partnership between the Department of Housing, McCormack Baron Salazar, and private investors used public dollars to leverage private equity, resulting in a total investment of $35.5 million. Through this innovative partnership, a vacant affordable housing site has now been transformed into a new, vibrant community in which Puerto Ricans from all income levels can live together and thrive.