POST Houston*

Houston, TX

The 9.7 acre POST Houston redevelopment is part of the larger adaptive reuse and reinvention of Houston’s historic downtown Post Office site, totaling 16 acres. POST Houston includes approximately 500,000 square feet of mixed-use spaces and will be an iconic cultural and commercial hub for Houston. Lovett Commercial will renovate the shell and core of the building into a combination of commercial office space, retail space, an arts and entertainment venue, a food hall, and makerspace. In addition, the building’s vast rooftop platform will be transformed into an elevated park and urban farm.

POST Houston’s economic impact is strong enough to stand alone, but NMTCs are allowing Lovett to expand the Project’s impact on the community.  The rooftop farm will provide educational opportunities for the surrounding communities and “farm-to-fork” experiences for food hall guests, along with job training and job opportunities. A partnership with BakerRipley will provide on-site job training for low-income residents interested in the food service industry.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.