North Sarah Apartments

St. Louis, MO

North Sarah Apartments is a multi-phase, multifamily, mixed-use development in North Central area of St. Louis, MO. The North Sarah community represents a critical component of the 2000 North Central Redevelopment Plan that was developed by the City of St. Louis, community stakeholders and residents.  Prior to the development of North Sarah, a number of new civic, educational, commercial and residential developments created nodes of reinvestment in North Central. However, despite this progress and potential, a number of blocks in the district remained heavily disinvested, preventing the neighborhood fabric from being “knit” back together.  The North Sarah development became a key connector in bridging these gaps in revitalization and catalyzing further reinvestment in the area.

North Sarah is anchored by key St. Louis assets on its edges, including Grand Center to the east, the Central West End to the west, and Saint Louis University to the south and east.  The community’s architecture celebrates the historic character of the neighborhood while featuring modern amenities and sustainable “green” technology to improve both the marketability and energy efficiency of the homes.

The first phase of development has 120 mixed-income rental homes in garden apartments, townhouses, and four mixed-use buildings with approximately 11,900 square feet of commercial, retail, community and management space. The second phase has 103 mixed-income rental homes and approximately 6,370 square feet of additional commercial and retail space.  Both phases have earned Enterprise Green Communities certification.

North Sarah Apartments also benefits from a creatively structured and capitalized Human Capital Planning and Implementation Program led by the non-profit Urban Strategies, Inc. in collaboration with key community stakeholders. As part of this effort, the development has a community liaison on staff that assists with the coordination of supportive services and implementation of resident activities.