Metro-Hollywood and Carlton Court

Hollywood, CA

Metro Hollywood and Carlton Court were the first “transit villages” benefiting low-income residents in southern California. The mixed-use development, built directly over the Hollywood/Western Metro Light Rail Red Line station, ensures that residents can shop close to home, have access to quality and convenient day care, and enjoy a 10-minute Metro ride to downtown Los Angeles (compared to the 45 minutes required to navigate the freeways).

Prior to the construction of the transit village, Hollywood Boulevard was synonymous with decline. Descriptions of the neighborhood were vivid. Suburban development, disinvestment, the adult entertainment industry, crime, arson, and an earthquake were all contributing factors.

McCormack Baron Salazar’s Metro Hollywood/Carlton Court development, built in partnership with the Hollywood Community Housing Corporation, the City of Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency, and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, has played a major role in the dramatic revitalization of the community.

In 1999, construction began on the $11 million Carlton Court, the first phase of the development, with 61 affordable apartments for families, built around a shared central courtyard. The second phase, the $14 million Metro Hollywood, includes 60 apartment units affordable to low-income families, 9,000 square feet of commercial and retail space, and a day care center with space for 60 children.

The success of the community has been palpable. McCormack Baron Management received 2,500 applications for the 60 apartments in the second phase, reflecting the tremendous demand for quality affordable housing in the L.A. area.

Since the development of the village, additional commercial and mixed-use development has occurred across the street, including a major grocery store and a significant retail center, continuing the revitalization of the community.