Merits Health Products Inc.*

Fort Myers, FL

Merits Health Products Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of durable medical mobility equipment, including high-quality power wheelchairs and scooters, manual chairs, lifts, and hospital beds. Merits plans to develop a new front-wheel drive complex mobility wheelchair and will expand their business to do so.

The business expansion of Merits Health Products will bring new and greatly needed accessible and climate-resilient jobs to Fort Myers. Many of the entry-level opportunities in Fort Myers are tied to the tourism industry. The devastation of Hurricane Ian demonstrated the severe negative impacts that climate change can have on tourism in Southwest Florida. Employment at Merits will be especially beneficial to the community given that the opportunities at Merits are not connected to seasonal work or tourism and are therefore less impacted by storms and other adverse events.

To make these jobs even more impactful, Merits Health is working to connect entry-level job opportunities with very low-income workers through the Fort Myers Choice Neighborhood Initiative in partnership with Urban Strategies, Inc.  The goal is to provide Merits with a pipeline of work-ready applicants while creating stable economic outcomes for low-income workers.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


Quick Facts 

Square Footage: 114,000

Total Investment: $8,000,000

MBS Allocation: $8,000,000

Sponsor: Merits Health USA

Allocatee: MBS Urban Initiatives CDE

NMTC Equity Investor: US Bank

Direct Lender and Leverage Lender: Merits Holding Company, Inc.

Projected Permanent Jobs: 94-100 FTEs

Community Partners: Fort Myers Choice Neighborhood, Urban Strategies, Inc., Housing Authority of the City of Fort Myers, MBS Community Impact Fund