Eastside V Target*

Pittsburgh, PA

Like many urban neighborhoods with a high concentration of public housing, the East Liberty neighborhood in the City of Pittsburgh, PA suffered from decades of disinvestment and inner city blight. By 2000, the Urban Redevelopment Authority and the Housing Authority of Pittsburgh recognized that a comprehensive approach to redevelopment was essential to bringing the area back to prosperity.

In addition to needing new housing, East Liberty was lacking jobs, connections to opportunities, and neighborhood services and retail. A comprehensive redevelopment plan was created that met the needs of the existing residents but also served as a vehicle to revitalize the community and build back connections to the surrounding neighborhood.

MBS Urban Initiatives’ $8.77 million New Markets Tax Credit investment in the Eastside has resulted in a mixed-use phase with Target as the anchor tenant, providing an affordable, full service grocery store in the low-income community. The Target, the first in Pittsburgh to have a full-fledged grocery store, is a multi-story mixed-use building with the second floor leased entirely to Target and ground level parking. Outward facing, with strong pedestrian connections, the department store is urban and people-oriented, not suburban and car-oriented and it will complement existing offerings with more affordable fresh food options.

Because of McCormack Baron Salazar’s strong partnerships with the City, URA, and CDCs in the neighborhood, the investment was able to bring jobs and services and to provide fresh, affordable food to the highly distressed low income community.  The project also achieved its ambitious goals for targeting disadvantaged businesses, achieving 23% MBE participation and 5% WBE participation during the construction phase.

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