Benson Tower*

Metairie, LA

Rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina involved more than merely building upon the ruins. The city required a return of jobs, housing, and that particular New Orleans esprit de corps to wipe away the memories and start afresh.

The Benson Tower project was a part of an overall strategy to transform the area around the Superdome into a sports and entertainment district that sparked other much needed investments in downtown New Orleans. The tower itself was a key catalyst for the improvements made to the Poydras corridor.

Benson Tower provides 368,000 square feet of office space for the State of Louisiana. Additional space is being leased to other tenants, including Ochsner, a health system serving south Louisiana. The project achieved LEED certification.

The project has turned a blighted and shuttered area in an extraordinarily critical part of downtown New Orleans into a beautiful and economically vibrant district that is not only crucial to the New Orleans tourism and sports/entertainment industries, but also to the day-to-day vitality of the downtown New Orleans economic and employment base.

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Quick Facts 

Total Development Costs: $82,995,195

Square Footage: 487,760 square feet

Developer: Tom Benson

Tax Credit Investor: US Bancorp Community Development Corporation

NMTC Qualified Low Income Community Investment: $5,000,000 (Morgan Keegan CDE provided over $73 million)

Other Key Project Financing: Morgan Keegan CDE, USBCDC, MBS Urban Initiatives CDE

Construction Jobs: 752

Permanent Jobs: 1,660

Investment Date: December 2009

Opening Date: January 2011