Arlington Grove

St. Louis, MO

McCormack Baron Salazar communities have always embodied sustainable concepts: repopulating urban areas instead of contributing to sprawl; walkable, compact and connected to transit rather than auto-reliant and low-density; and sustainable in the long-term instead of merely profitable in the short-term.

Arlington Grove, a new community with 112 apartments in the 22nd Ward of St. Louis City, goes beyond this basic sustainability philosophy to achieve Enterprise Green Community and Energy Star certification. Developed by McCormack Baron Salazar, the development included: the renovation of the historic, abandoned, William B. Ittner-designed Arlington School into apartments; the construction of new, historically-representative townhouses and garden apartments; and the introduction of a mixed-use building with apartments above first-floor commercial uses to help recreate the feeling of a dense commercial corridor on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

The development was made possible through a public/private/faith-based partnership with the St. Louis Housing Authority & the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), McCormack Baron Salazar, and the neighborhood-based Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church.  The community has apartments available for families from a range of incomes, including public housing residents through to market rate renters.

With resources provided by a HUD Capital Fund Recovery Competitive Grant (made possible from stimulus funds), the Arlington Grove community incorporates a number of energy and resource conserving features that help keep utility costs low and indoor environments healthful for residents while conserving energy, water and materials.  These features allow Arlington Grove to realize energy and water savings of 25% to 40% over standard-construction developments.

Key green features of the community include Solar Electricity Generation Systems, Energy Star certification, Energy Star lighting packages, Energy Star roofing materials, Energy Star appliances, EPA Watersense fixtures, Green Score flooring, Low-VOC Paints & Materials, Native Plant Landscaping, Water-Permeable, Reflective Pavement Systems, and Resident Training in Green Concepts.