Community Centers, Non-Profit Partnerships

McCormack Baron Salazar believes the development of community centers and supportive services in our communities is a win for everybody.

We link our housing development initiatives to the creation of community amenities and services to reduce the economic fragility and insecurity of families, increase the likelihood of upward mobility of low income families, expand social integration among all residents of the mixed income community and achieve an environment for improved school performance of low income students.

Through joint efforts of local businesses and foundations as well as government funding sources, we develop community centers and recreational facilities that become the cornerstones of our neighborhoods. We also work with non-profits who provide local supportive services to build the facilities they need in order to expand opportunities and available resources for our residents and build the vitality, neighborhood identity, and long-term health of the broader community.

In this capacity, we have completed a wide range of purpose-driven office and program spaces for youth- and community-oriented non-profits, including: non-profit headquarters and branch offices (AARP, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Saint Louis Housing Authority, United Way) , Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs and community centers, and both public and private schools. To each of these organizations, MBS was able to bring the development experience, partnership-building and financial resourcefulness that are the hallmarks of the firm’s approach.