Real Estate and Community Development Services

McCormack Baron Salazar's communities are known for offering quality, affordable housing and fostering economic opportunities for residents and neighborhoods. In order to meet the needs of residents and other community stakeholders, we have evolved a “toolbox” of a variety of project types. The development types listed below can be used individually or, more commonly, many of them are incorporated in a single community in order to address specific local real estate and community development goals:

Holistic Approach: Our process encompasses planning, design, financing, construction and community/resident engagement in order to develop a holistic development plan that incorporates the range of development types described above to create complete, fully functioning communities. Learn more.

Sustainable Community Development: We use sustainable construction and renovation practices to reduce utility costs, increase efficiency, enhance resource utilization and improve the health of our communities. Learn more.

Mixed Income Housing Development: We believe in diverse communities that welcome residents of varying incomes levels, ethnicities, ages, and physical capabilities. Learn more.

Hope VI Neighborhoods: In conjunction with the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), we developed the original “mixed-finance model” and continue to pioneer resident participation and social capital programs. Learn more.

Senior Living Communities: Our senior living communities are shaped by our commitment to well-designed physical environments to ensure each resident’s right to “age in place” with autonomy. Learn more.

Home Ownership: Our programs help to shape local housing markets through ownership opportunities for residents, resident alumni and other members of the community. Learn more.

Historic Preservation and Rehab: We seek to preserve historic landmarks and communities through the re-use and rehabilitation of existing buildings. Learn more.

School Development and Reform: We recognize the importance of quality education to ensure thriving communities. Our work helps address school improvements and works to support education reform in the communities we serve. Learn more.

Community Centers/Non-Profits: We partner with existing non-profits, community centers and recreational facilities and develop new local centers to enhance upward mobility and economic development in our communities. Learn more.

Mixed Use Development: We use economic development resources like New Markets Tax Credits to bring retail, jobs and services into neighborhoods to complement our housing and residential development. Learn more.

Transit-Oriented Development: We recognize the importance transportation plays in the viability of our communities and our development process seeks to enhance public transit access and services. Learn more.

Universal Design and Accessibility: McCormack Baron Salazar is committed to creating accessible communities.  For us, physical accessibility is about making access and movement easier for everyone. Learn more.