McCormack Baron Management

Our management affiliate, McCormack Baron Management recognizes that successful management of mixed-income developments in distressed urban neighborhoods requires a management strategy that acknowledges the unique challenges facing the neighborhood and its residents. Our staff understands the complexities of managing mixed-income housing, possesses the technical expertise to handle multi-layered compliance issues, and offers the personal touch needed to work with residents of diverse backgrounds. We manage our developments to market rate standards, and work with residents and the larger community to address the non-housing needs and issues that exist in the community.  Finally, we are committed to affirmative action and to performing equal opportunity outreach to ensure that people from all walks of live have the opportunity to live in our communities.

Our property management expertise includes:

Compliance:  In many of our developments, we are charged with specific performance and compliance requirements in accordance with our funding sources.  As a result, we have developed the skills, tools and expertise to meet these complex compliance and reporting requirements.   We have experience working with combinations of local public housing agencies (including Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) requirements), the Code of Federal Regulations, Community and Supportive Services (CSS) and the integration of these programs and requirements with Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.

This extensive experience is essential to the success of the mixed-income development and results in additional benefits, such as: greater management control over performance, greater fiscal accountability, greater operational flexibility and improved quality of work and performance by establishing goals and rewards to motivate employees.

Training: We use a variety of web-based and on-site training programs for our employees who work in our communities. We actively provide hands-on training and encourage attendance at professional seminars to ensure our teams keep abreast of property management guidelines and new techniques.

In addition, to ensure that we comply with any requirements of the project, site staff is trained in eligibility requirements, fair housing and certification procedures, resident and management relationships and linkages to human service programs. 

Phased Construction Lease-up:  With many large development projects, such as the communities built by McCormack Baron Salazar, often units come on-line before the entire construction of the site is finished.  We have extensive experience in managing lease-up during phased construction and in ensuring that units are placed-in-service without inconveniencing residents or making them feel like they live in a construction zone. 

Maintenance: We manage our developments to market rate standards. The maintenance of a neighborhood is almost more important that the quality of the original construction when it comes to creating a sense of place.  Our management teams are diligent about upholding the quality of our communities through maintaining landscaping, sustaining buildings and units in the best state of repair both inside and out, and having a highly developed maintenance and improvement schedule that prevents the little things like weeds, litter and broken downspouts, from becoming harbingers of further deterioration. A vital part of the management effort is the development and reinforcement of community expectations about community standards; these standards, once established, are typically reflected in the lease. As a result of our extensive and ongoing preventive maintenance and capital improvement schedules, the units in the company’s portfolio are kept in “as new” condition. 

A community’s long-term success is often dictated by a safe and secure environment.  McCormack Baron Management has extensive experience in working with cities and residents to address security issues through security-sensitive environmental design, property management procedures and community-wide security involvement and input.   These efforts are supplemented by individual security systems and building entry access controls throughout our communities.

Insurance & Risk Management: McCormack Baron Management (MBM) oversees the bidding and procurement of all property insurance coverage for its affiliated properties as well as insurance monitoring for non-affiliated properties in its portfolio. 

In connection with the insurance coverage, MBR offers superior risk communication from our corporate office in order to promote efficient and effective reporting that leads to practices that protect the company managed assets:  the properties and its occupants.  This is accomplished through our 24 hour employee reporting line with immediate messaging to key site personnel and company executives on serious incidents.  As more details become available, a written report is provided with all information stored in a database to be used in analyzing emerging forms of risk and help in the establishment of responsive company policies.